Paderia Ribeiro

“Paderia Ribeiro” is in my opinion the best bakery in the city of Porto. The oldest of the stores has been around for  150+ years and they have been perfecting their recipes for over a century of existence. They are open from Mon-Saturday from 7:00 – 20:00,  and always a good option for a light lunch or a mid-afternoon snack and a coffee.

If I was to explain everything you could order, I would be turning this article into a Portuguese pastry food bible, so I will just talk about my favourites. “Ribeiro” is the sort of place you need to discover for yourself by eating there many times as you can and trying as many things as possible. The specialities in my opinion include the “empada de frango” chicken pastry pie €1.05, which you can order with two different types of pastry, “Massa Folhada” puff pastry is my preference. The “Pastel de Chaves” a veal pastry also €1.05 from the region of “Chaves” is also good when warm, be sure to ask if they have just come out of the oven. “empada de atum” tuna pastry is also exceptional, it includes red pepper, onion and sometimes slithers of boiled egg, also €1.05. “folhado misto” cheese and ham pastry €1.30, a classic combination worth trying.

If you feel like something more substantial there are also several options, I normally opt for the “sandes de panado de peru” a Portuguese version of the schnitzel, but made with turkey, in a sandwich. You have the possibility of choosing the bread, I always pick between either the ciabatta or the  baguette; I also ask for tomato, lettuce and mustard, €2.25. If you ask for pork instead of turkey the price is €1.95. When I feel like a lighter meal I ask for the Greek salad €3.90, I normally switch the feta cheese for mozzarella, for no extra charge. There also exists a large selection of sweet pastries, you just need to walk inside and point to the pastry that is looking back at you. My favourite Is  “tarte de amêndoa” the almond tart €1.35, but the chocolate cake is also good. The fresh orange juice is great here, freshly squeezed and also affordable, the trick is to ask for a half juice in the bigger glass with loads of ice, this will put you back €1.15.

Recently they have opened an express store, which is open at night, the prices change but if you feel like a midnight pastry on Friday/Sat from 10:00 – 2:00 it is always a good option to fulfil your pastry cravings. “Paderia Ribeiro” also has two other stores in “Foz” and “Matosinhos”, as well as the bakery where the products are prepared, in “Ermesinde”. The “Baixa” store being the oldest is still my favourite.

The Best thing about Ribeiro is the fact that you always get quality products and the service is exceptional; The staff go out of their way fulfil you pastry desires and with a comfortable terrace, on sunny days it is my favourite place in town to have a mid-afternoon snack, a coffee, and think about the fact that someone over 100 years ago was doing exactly the same thing as you.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 7:00-20:00

Express Opening Hours: Fri – Sat, 22:00-2:00

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Address:             Loja Porto Baixa – Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, 21, 4050-093, Porto

 Tel.: 222005067


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Loja Porto Pinhais da Foz – Rua João de Barros, 313 – Loja 29, 4150-414, Porto

Tel.: 226187904


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 Loja Matosinhos – Rua 1ro de Maio, 196, 4450-230, Porto

Tel.: 229382207


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