Casa Louro

“Casa do Louro” the house of the bay leaf, named after the founder “Sr. Louro”, a huge man who had a big space in his heart for pork. You realize as you walk in when you look to your left. A memorable picture of “Sr. Louro” showing his admiration for swine. There is a rumour which I don’t know if it is true, that the counters where designed to accommodate his huge belly. Since then the place has been remodelled.

This “Tasca” has been open for 80-90 years and the current owner is an employee who started working here on the 19th of September 1967. After “Sr. Louro” passed away the establishment went to his kids and the current owner decided to acquire it and run it himself. “Casa Louro” is known for its “Presunto” Portuguese Parma ham and among its various suppliers over the years the current ones are from “Chaves” a small town close to border of Spain. You can ask for the “Presunto” on a small plate, they normally serve you 100g per person €2.20, It is exceptional, cured in the right way, quality meat that is easy to eat and disintegrates in your mouth due to the way its finely cut. You can also order the “Salpicão” another form of curing and smoking pork, the alteration being different spices and it is shape, a thick cylinder. This on the other hand is from “lamego” located in the “Tras-os-Montes” region (literal translation: behind the mountains), 100g plate is €3.30.

They also sell various smoked meats to go if you wish to take some back with you:

  • “Presunto” without bone: €22/Kg
  • Whole “Presunto” : €15/Kg
  • Smoked whole “Presunto” €??/Kg
  • “Salpicão” Thick Smoked Sausage: €22/Kg
  • “Moura” (literal Translation: female arab) a “Lamego” version of the blood sausage, traditional of the region: €14/Kg
  • “Bariga Fumada” smoked pork belly: €12/Kg

Other Snacks that you can order include “Presunto a Inglesa” the English “Presunto” 100-200g served with round French fries and a fried egg on top. “Pataniscas” Cod-fish cakes which are deep fried, €1.00 each. Soup which is normally the standard vegetable soup you get everywhere € 1.40. “Broa de Avintes” a variation of Portuguese rye bread made from flour, corn and rye, €0.25 each.

The wines are proudly advertised as being from “Baião” a region notorious for agriculture and wine. The young white and red are a perfect combination with the smoked meats and served in a traditional bowl, €0.60 a serving. This tiny picturesque “Tasca”, most of the time packed with local old men at the counter, elbows firmly on the table, watching TV with the whole “Presuntos” swaying over their heads, is defiantly worth a visit. This atmosphere is difficult to recreate and their love for local quality products gives this place a PortoVore stamp of approval. On the other hand they also could have more options in terms of food, but for the customers it caters for it does not need to, the “Presunto” brings in enough of a crowd.

“Sr. Louro” would be glad to know that the tradition is being maintained and that people can still share his love for pork. You can almost feel his presence here congratulating you for choosing pork as your meal, I challenge you to make him proud.


Address: Rua Cimo de Vila, 80, 4000 Porto, Portugal

Tel: 222008995

Opening times: Mon-Sat from 12:00 – 20:00

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps