Venham mais 5

“Venham mais 5” meaning “bring me another 5” executes one thing really well, they are known for their “Prego em Pão”, steak sandwich, which literally translates to “nail in a bread”. The rumour is that they import the steak from Brazil, so quality ingredients are key to their success among the local community.

The sandwich is composed of two slices of crunchy bread which is slightly toasted, a thick slab of steak which is coated in thick salt and grilled for a couple of seconds on each side, therefore leaving the middle slightly rare. When you ask for a “Prego em Pão”  it comes standard with a thick slice of “Queijo da Serra” literally translated it means  “mountain cheese”, the texture depends on its age, from a very soft semi-liquid when young, to a soft but sliceable solid when older, in this case it is not aged, in my opinion my favourite Portuguese cheese. You can ask not to have cheese and in turn the sandwich is actually cheaper, but this combination is divine, let´s just say that even if I was lactose intolerant I would still eat it … just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

These sandwiches are so good that if I was ever on death row and it was time to order my last meal I would pick 5 of these bad boys. Due to the place´s popularity and traffic, sometimes they tend to be a bit slack with the steak, serving you a worst cut. The way I get round this is by saying that it is the first time someone in the group is trying the sandwich, so they better serve a thick and juicy portion because I don’t want their first time to be disappointing.

The “Prego” costs €3.50 with cheese and €3.00 without. You also have the option of asking for it on a plate: “Prego em Prato” literally translated means “Nail on a Plate” which is served with salad, rice, chips and a fried egg on top, it is around 8 euros so getting 2 sandwiches is better value for money, but it is an option if you feel like something different but still want to try the meat.

The space within the restaurant is well thought-out and they have a pleasant area outside in case the weather allows it. Also if you want a quick meal you can always ask for your meal to be served at the counter, right at the entrance. Then you get to see the heart of this place in action, typical Portuguese disorganisation.

To drink you have the standard house wines red/white/young white/rosé and a fairly large selection of bottled wine to choose from, if you feel like making your steak experience a bit fancier. My choice is either the house red or beer.

Apart from this place being a one hit wonder when it comes to their sandwich they also have good desserts which are home-made and a perfect option in case your sandwich(es) didn´t fill you up, or maybe just because you have a sweet tooth. The desserts vary on a daily basis, but the speciality and my personal favourite is the chocolate cake, it is like nothing you have tried before. The slices are huge and because it´s chocolate it can be a bit too much so share if you can.

Congratulations to “Venham Mais 5” for this sandwich, a classic example that if you use quality ingredients and innovate on a simple classic dish you can quickly gain fame and establish a good customer base, while at the same time establishing your business as the “prego” King of Porto.


Address: R. Stº Ildefonso 219, 4000-470 Porto, Portugal

Contact: 22 201 0734

Opening hours: 11:30-10:30 everyday

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps