Named after an Old Portuguese Motorcycle “V5” is a great option for an alternative end to your night. This Bar´s twin is Called “Ferrugem” meaning “Rust” from the same owner, I will review this place soon. As you walk in (normally just on weekends) you are asked to pay €1.50 entrance which you can use for your first beer, so don’t lose the ticket.

When you get in you will notice the old V5 motorbike, I have been trying to suggest that the “Last Call” at the bar should be announced by turning on the motorcycle but I haven’t been able to get through to anyone yet, maybe this review can instigate a petrol loving attitude from the bar staff.

The DJ is located within an old car frame, this really gives the place an original look and feel, which contrasts nicely with the stone walls either side of V5. This car takes you through several musical journeys, mostly filled with Rock&Roll, old and new and of varied genres. Check the link at the end to know what DJ´s will be playing there on particular days. My Personal favourites are Mauricio Pereira and Sá Nuno, but as they say in Portuguese “Gostos são Gostos” meaning “you like what you like”. These two DJs fit better my taste in music, within what V5 has to offer.

You also have another room within V5 in which you can relax and take a break from the dance floor, it has several sofas and tables. In terms of the Liquid amusement, what you get at the bar are the standard options you get in most bars. It is worth noting that sometimes (when its available) they serve “coral” a Portuguese beer from madeira priced at €0.80. When the standard “Fino” draft beer is €1.50 this is a good value for money option. Sergio the most regular bartender on weekends also makes a mean black Russian shot which is worth trying. The Black Russian consists of “Tia Maria” (coffee liquor) with Vodka. I personally also like the old Tv´s behind the bar, they give the place an old feel while they play Felix the Cat and Betty Boob cartoons in black and white.

After 2:00am most bars start to close so V5 is always open and ready to fulfil your Rock&Roll cravings as well as having an alternative crowd who knows how to have fun. They used to have concerts downstairs in the past, but I haven’t seen the downstairs area in operation in a long time, they should really bring this back. If you want to soak your soul in some Rock&Roll in the “Baixa” downtown of Porto, V5 is always there for you.


Address: Rua dos Martires da Liberdade 216/218 4050 Porto, Portugal

Opening times: Tue – Thu: 10:00 pm – 4:00 am, Fri-Sat: 10:00 pm – 6:00 am

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps

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