Tia Orlanda

“Tia Orlanda” Aunt Orlanda is the only Mozambican restaurant in Porto and even though it has only been open for less than 3 years, it is quite popular with the local community. So popular that other restaurant owners who come to eat here always invite Tia Orlanda for lunch on her day off; Also the Mozambican embassy regularly organises dinners here. If you plan to come on the weekends, I advise you book in advance.

On the second Friday of every month, they play live Mozambican music around dinner time. Also every Wednesday/Friday “Muamba de Frango” an Angolan chicken stew is served. On Thursdays Tia Orlanda makes “cachupa” the national dish of Cape Verde made with beans, corn, cabbage meat or fish and served with rice. The specialities here are varied and everything that Tia Orlanda touches has a motherly home cooked feel to it. She likes to walk around and ask people about their meal, obviously everyone says it’s delicious, and they are not wrong. The Mozambican dishes vary depending on the availability of certain ingredients, my favourites include:

  • “Caril de Cabrito” Curry made from Kid
  • “Caril de vitela” Veal Curry
  • “Caril de Frango” Mozambican chicken curry
  • “Caril de Caranguejo” Crab Curry
  • “Caril de Peixe e coco” Fish curry with Coconut Milk
  • “Caril de Gambas” Shrimp Curry

Average price of a meal per person is from €10-€15. They also offer a lunch menu where €7 buys you a starter, a main dish, a drink, desert and a coffee.

Since Mozambique used to be a Portuguese colony I consider Tia Orlanda’s food also as authentic Portuguese cuisine, because you can experience African flavours that have had some Portuguese influence over the last 400 years. If you like curries, you should definitely try the Mozambican take, cooked by an authentic Mozambican mother. If you are ever in the historical centre of town and feel like trying some authentic African food you need to go to “Tia Orlanda”, as well as being a the matriarch of Mozambican cuisine in Porto she also has started a African souvenir shop two doors down from her restaurant, do not forget to take a look.

Address: Rua das Taipas n0.113 4050-600, Porto

Tel.: 222085710, 914622823

Opening Times: lunch – every day from 11:30-15:00. Dinner – Sunday to Thursday 19:00-23:00, Friday to Saturday 19:30 – 00:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

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Location:  GMaps