A Tasquinha

Tasquinha meaning small tavern was the name given by the original owners of the restaurant, it has been open since 1949. After several ownerships a couple, Maria da Luz and Antonio Vilela, now own it.  Opening the restaurant was Maria da Luz’s idea and her husband, Antonio, was “just along for the ride” as he quoted. They maintained this traditional tavern for the last 14 years; Maria da Luz is personally responsible and oversees the menu and makes the deserts herself.

The prices here do not reflect that of a tavern but of a finer dining experience, prices per person vary from €15-20 depending on your choices of wine. The menu is varied but my choices would be the following: for a meat option I would go for the “Borrego a Alentejana” lamb stew served with roast potatoes and rice  €9.50 (1 person) €18.00 (2 people) or ”Febras de Porco Preto a Salpicao” Black Pig Pork steaks with smoked pork sausage €12.50 (1 person) €18.50 (2 people). For the fish option I would opt for either the “Polvo na Brasa” Barbecued Octopus €27.50 (2 people) or the “Arroz de Tamboril” Monk Fish Rice €13.50 (1 person) €24.50 (2 people). There are many other options but these are my favorites.

For desserts the specialties include,  “Sericaia” egg sponge cake with cinnamon, “bolo de noz” Wallnut Cake, cheesecake, “tarte de limão” lemon tarte, chocolate cake, “bolo de bolacha” Biscuit cake, “tarte de maracujá” Passion fruit tart.

With 80 seats total and 20 tables, as well as an outside patio with another 30 seats, when the weather allows it, makes this quaint restaurant in the center of the historical part of the city a very hospitable place to experience the more traditional side of Portuguese cuisine. Maria da Luz has a clear idea of the best Portuguese flavors and she executes them almost to perfection while making it look easy, definitely a restaurant to visit several times with enough space for bigger groups also.

Address: Rua do Carmo, 23, 4050-164, PORTO

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 16:00 19:00-24:00

Contact: 91 828 34 61

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