Solar Moinho de Vento

“Moinho de Vento” The Windmill is a traditionalist restaurant that has been in existence for more than 100 years. You can capture snippets of its history on the walls going up to the second floor. It has had 3 owners over this time-period and the current owner has gracefully kept the tradition going for the last 13 years.

As you walk in you can automatically see the heart of the restaurant; the kitchen is entirely open to the clients that walk in. Three to four ladies populate the kitchen, always dressed in white and surrounded by traditional metal pots. This transparency is unique and gives this place a true homely feel. Every first Thursday of the month they have a “Fado” night on the top floor; on these occasions, due to its popularity it is better to book around lunch time of that day.

There is a large selection of specialities on a daily rotation. My favourites include the “Cozido a Portuguesa” Boiled selection of pork meats with vegetables. “Pataniscas de Bacalhau” cod fish cakes, a house secret, where they somehow managed to make the batter extra fluffy and unique in comparison to other restaurants. “Arroz de cabidela” free-range chicken blood rice. “Coelho a Moda de Baltar” roasted rabbit with potatoes. “Arroz de Costelinhas” pork-rib rice. “Filetes de Polvo” Octopus fillets battered and deep fried served with either rice, potatoes or both. “Bacalhau a Moinho de Vento” fried codfish served with onion and round French fries. “Arroz de Bacalhau com Ameijoas e coentros” Codfish rice served with clams and coriander. “Lingua Estufada a Moda da Dona Cila” stewed cow tongue served with mash potatoes. “Feijoada à Transmontana” Pork bean stew, this dish is traditional from the north region of Portugal, my grandmother used to make it every Sunday for the family. The main dishes are divided into half doses and full doses, the half dose varying from €8.5 to €12.5 and the full dose from €13.5 to €24 depending on your choice. A half dose is enough for one person and full dose for two.

There is a relatively large selection of wine as well as the cheaper “house” option, I would suggest you stick to the “Douro” region as this is my favourite, also red wine from the “Alentejo” will go very well with your “Cozido a Portuguesa”, as it complements pork perfectly. In terms of deserts you have to ask as they change daily, but normally I’m always persuaded to get the blowtorched “leite crème” the Portuguese “Crème brûlée”.

I am proud of the way the current owners of “Moinho de Vento” have managed to maintain a traditional feel to this place and respected its history. Even though the decoration and tables are set in relatively high end way, hence the more expensive menu, once I taste the food, I am automatically projected to my childhood. I even expect to see my grandmother in the kitchen as I walk down the stairs, as these are the classic dishes she used to cook on special occasions. As the name of the restaurant suggests, trust me when I say the food in this place will blow you away. You will soon start to become more Portuguese and start talking about your next meal while you are eating your current one.

Address: Rua de Sá de Noronha 81, 4050-527, Porto

Contact: 222051158, 914021897

Opening Times: Mon-Thur: 12:00-15:30 & 19:00-22:00, Fri-Sat: 12:00-15:30 & 19:00-22:30, Sunday: 12:00-15:30

Closes Sunday nights & on national holidays.

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