Se7e Saias

“Se7e Saias” Se7en Skirts is a store that was started by 6 cousins, 3 pairs of sisters to be exact. They focus in bringing their customers 100% Portuguese designer products that include Illustrations inspired by the city of Porto, hand maid tiles, stationary, traditional clothing and food, among other things. The name given to this store is quite interesting, “Se7e Saias” was a cake that their grandmother used to make and as an “homage” to her and her cake, she was included as the seventh honorary skirt.

The Store is located in a restored space of an old wine producer named “Real Companhia Velha”, it is now called “Armazem” which means warehouse in Portuguese. It is located next to “Alfandega do Porto” the old customs building of the city, very close to “Ribeira” and the river. Inside you will find a space that fosters Art, culture, literature, clothing as well as including a bar and restaurant area. The space is very well thought out and spacious, as well as including a large sunlit patio to enjoy your drinks and food. You will also find an art gallery inside which promotes various exhibitions and events, check their facebook page below for more details.

“Se7e Saias” has been open since the 30th of May 2015 and has products for all price ranges from 1€ – €200 which are 100% Portuguese made. It is a great place to pass by after you visit “Ribeira”, to drink a glass of port wine, take a look at what Portuguese designers have to offer and who know bring back some authentic out of the box souvenirs. If I ever buy souvenirs when I visit a place I like to bring back useful things that are made locally and that foster the development of work from people that live in that particular region, Se7en Skirts provides just this with a certain class an ease that is hard to find in other stores around the city.


Address: Rua de Miragaia, 93 4050-387 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 934580102

Opening Times:  Monday – Thursday/Sunday: 11:30 – 20:00, Friday – Saturday: 11:30 – 22:00

Links:   Facebook , Facebook

Location:  GMaps

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