Sanatorio de Valongo

“Sanatorio de Valongo” is a remote abandoned Sanatorium situated in the “Santa Justa” forest in “Valongo”. It was the last sanatorium constructed in Portugal and was constructed in order to solve an increasing epidemic of tuberculosis. It was Active between 1958 and 1975 and housed numerous patients with tuberculosis, some of them having died here. There were 350 patients housed at one time in the building. After it was abandoned it was vandalized and damaged by fires and there are also rumors of ghosts, satanic rituals and drug trafficking.

Don’t be put off by the rumors because the sanatorium is visited by many people on photoshoots, paranormal expeditions as well as regular paintball matches that occur there, normally on Saturdays. In order to book the paintball just do a web search, there are various companies that offer war games at the location. It is probably one of the best scenarios to cover your friends in paint with, enjoy, Happy killing.

Kuusk, Adele Thele (Photographer) 2015. Sanatório de Valongo, Valongo. (Photograph) November, 2015. TumblrFacebook



Address: Cesário Verde/N209, Valongo, Portugal, Valongo

Opening Times:  24/7, for your safety go during the day.

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