“Salta-O-Muro” jump the wall, is a family owned restaurant that has been open since 1982 as a grocery shop. It was not only until 1988 that they got a license to become a restaurant. The reason they are called Salta-O-Muro is because in 1982 the owner Sr. Antonio Morreira placed a ladder in the back of the establishment so Dock workers could “jump the wall” on their breaks and buy beer and wine, among other things. During 6 years the Dock workers jumped the wall to buy what they needed, until a coffee shipment was stolen from inside the docks and the administration cut all illegal access to the exterior perimeter, therefore taking down Sr. Antonio’s ladder. This was the turning point, the restaurant license was issued and Salta-O-Muro became a restaurant.

There are no bookings in “Salta-O-Muro” so make sure you get there early, if it is a big group. The specialities here revolve around grilled fish. On Fridays they make octopus and on Saturdays they make a fish stew called “Caldeirada”. This place has been open for almost 30 years, so the owners Palmira and Antonio Martins have the best contacts with the fisherman, therefore obtaining the freshest of fish available in the surrounding fish markets. Dona Palmira is said to be the quality control for picking out the fish. My favourite local fish that can be ordered here includes, “Dourada” sea bream, “Peixe Galo” moonfish/John Dory, “Robalo” Sea Bass. All fish here is measured and paid by the kilo. In order to choose the fish they will bring it out on a platter and you can hand pick which fish you want to eat, perfect service.

While you are waiting for your table, which is very likely, especially on weekends, ask for some young white wine “Vinho Verde Branco” and some “Sardinhas Petinga” battered and deep-fried baby sardines, and if u finish those too quickly ask for some “Presunto” Portuguese Parma ham, these starters can be consumed at the counter. The average price per person depends on your choice in wine but if you don’t exaggerate, on average you will pay from €15-€20 per person. They also strategically close on Sundays and Mondays in order to always have fresh fish to serve.

I personally love this place because I consider it the best spot to eat fish in Porto, I always come here to satisfy my fish cravings. The Moreira family really have perfected the art of making fish and they deserve to have a full house every day they open. The fish here is bought every day and it’s to be consumed on the same day. Nowadays you don’t have to jump any wall to get there, the only possible hurdle is the time you need to wait for a table, virtue comes to those who wait, and it is definitely worth it.

Address: Rua Heróis de França 386, 4450-155 Matosinhos

Tel.: 229386870

Opening Times:  Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00 – 15:00, 19:00 -23:00

Links:   Facebook , Web

Location:  GMaps

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