Salão Veneza

“Salão Veneza” The Venice Barber Shop has been open for over 60 years. Sr. Pedro de Almeida is the last founding member still working from the 5 person society of employees that kept this place alive once the owner passed. Sr. Almeida participated in the “Ultra-Mar” (overseas) wars with the African colonies in his youth. When he came back to Portugal he started to cut hair, it was a skill he picked up when he was a kid, by experimenting on his friends and family. He started to learn the barber’s trade at another salon in Porto, but soon after ended up in Barbearia Veneza.

If you want a true Portuguese experience from the 50-60’s it is essential that you visit this Barber Shop. It has been trapped in time by Sr. Almeida, he kept this place going as it originally was, not being influenced by the changes happening around him. As you walk in, if the barbers are not working they are sitting down and reading the paper. You are greeted as soon as you walk in with a joyful hello and asked to sit at the amazing barber chairs they have at their disposal. As you sit down you are placed a white apron, hooked by a safety pin and asked what you will have done today. A haircut is €9 while a close shave done with the old school blades is €6. The process of the cut as well as the shave is extremely methodical and has its steps, which are always undertaken unless you alert them not to.

Sr. Pedro de Almeida says “eu e os meus clientes já somos familia” me and my clients are like family now. He also mentioned that he has regulars for over 45 years now, some of them, sons of original clients that have passed already. This place gives you an experience you cannot obtain anywhere else but siting in those particular barbers chairs. I can say that if I had to trust anyone with a blade next to my jugular it would have to be Sr. Almeida, one of the closest shaves I have ever had.

Address: Salão Veneza Rua Elísio de Melo, 35

Tel.: 222 004 810

Opening times: 9:00 – 19:00, Monday – Saturday

Location: GMaps


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