Restaurante Antunes

Antunes Restaurant is a traditional Portuguese diner that was inaugurated in 1965. It has always been kept in the same family. It was originally owned by “Antonio Antunes Fernandes” hence the name of the restaurant then it was passed on to his wife “Maria Luisa Antunes” when he died, and now it is being run by her son in law Pedro Fernandes. It is a quaint, picturesque restaurant that is reasonably priced and maintains a medium-high standard of quality in terms of the food they offer.

The specialities include “Tripas a moda do porto” Tripe Bean Stew €8,50, “Cozido” Selection of boiled Pork and Cow meats with potatoes and vegetables, “Rojoes a moda do Minho” Pork chunks served with boiled blood potatoes and fried tripe, “Pernil” Pork shin cooked in oven and served with potatoes and spinach €15, “Bacalhau a Braga” Fried cod fish with paprika sauce and served with round fried potatoes €15, “Cabrito” Roasted kid served with roasted potatoes and spinach €19.

Every day of the week “Antunes” has a house speciality, Wednesday its the “Tripas a moda do porto”, Thursday it’s the “Cozido” Friday its the “Rojoes a moda do Minho” and Saturday it’s the “Cabrito”. My personal favourite is the “Pernil” the Roasted pork shin, which is available every day of the week; the meat falls of the bone and it is truly cooked to perfection, at an affordable price of 15 Euros it feeds two people and the roasted potatoes and spinach are perfect side dishes. To drink I would suggest the house speciality, “Espadal” is a young rose wine that goes well with both fish and meat, it is a house wine so its affordable as well as refreshing and with the “Pernil” it goes down wonderfully.

For dessert they have several traditional options which are all home-made, my personal favourite is the “Rabanada” a sweet version of the French Toast which is served with cinnamon and icing sugar, this particular “Rabanada” has won a national desert prize as the owner told me, but to be honest I prefer the crispy version my mother makes, but at €1.75 each you might as well try it.

For a restaurant that opened 51 years ago it has managed to maintain its traditional feel and cooking as well as improving on the original recipes and making them better, never going down on quality; definitely one of my favourite places to eat the pork chin.


Address: R. do Bonjardim 525, Porto Portugal

Tel.: 22 200 6577

Opening Times:  Monday – Saturday: 12:00- 15:00, 19:00- 22:00

Links:   Facebook

Location: GMaps


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