Rei dos Galos de Amarante

“Rei dos Galos de Amarante” The king of cocks from “Amarante” is a family owned restaurant that has been maintaining its tradition for over 47 years, always within the same bloodline. As the name suggests the family is from “Amarante” a region in the north of Portugal known for their agriculture and young white wine.

This style of restaurant is open on week days to the general public from 12:00-16:00 and only open at night for group reservation, or unless you call and convince the staff if their free time is less important than your hunger. The House specialities consist of “Favas com Presunto” Fava beans and Portuguese Parma ham and “Frango na Casarola” chicken casserole, served on Tuesdays, “Feijão a Transmontana” bean stew from the north region served on Wednesdays , “Tripas a moda do porto” Tripe served in the Porto way  and “Arroz de Pato” duck rice, on Thursdays, last but not least “Cozido á portuguesa” A Boiled selection of Pork meats and “Coelho a caçador” a rabbit stew, served on  Fridays. Most days if the butcher allows it “Arroz de cabidela” free range chicken blood rice is available and loved by the local community.  In terms of price the half portion here varies from €6 to €10 euros and is enough for one person, but if you share a bigger portion it ends up being cheaper. Estimate to spend from €8 -€10 euros for your meal here.

The food is well made and has a home-cooked feel , as if a Portuguese mother has cooked for you, in this case it’s the owners son “Daniel” who takes on this responsibility, his mother taught him well. In terms of wine they have several bottled options that vary from €6-€18 euros in price, the house wine is white: Vila Real the cheapest option at €6 euros a bottle.

“Rei dos Galos de Amarante” is decorated in a simple fashion and has the Portuguese diner feel. It started off as a Portuguese “Adega” winery where they would serve wine straight from the barrel and snacks to accompany the wine, this made the restaurant very popular within the student community and many of them flocked here due to the traditional feel, good food and impeccable homely service. “Siza Vieira” one of the most famous Portuguese architects was one of those students and remains a customer to this day. If you feel like eating good traditional Portuguese food while surrounded by a place that has been serving happy customers for over 47 years, the King of Cocks from“Amarante”  awaits you.


Address: Rua das Taipas, 121 , 4050-600 Porto, Portugal

Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday from 12:00 -17:00

Tel.: 22 205 7297

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