“Pherrugem” literally translated means Rust,  in my opinion a creative name for a rock bar. This bar is a staple rock bar in Porto and belongs to the same owner as V5.

It is open every day from 21:00 until 4:00, I would say that it is a warm-up bar, this means that you should go from 1:00-3:00 before you move somewhere else, like V5 for example. My favourite nights in “Pherrugem” are Thursdays and Sundays, these days in my opinion are better due to the music being less commercial, as well as a different sort of crowd, one that does not slave a 9:00 – 17:00 job and in general more outgoing and less predictable.

The drinks are standard here, and there isn’t much of a difference from other places, what is unique here is the atmosphere, the brass walls mixed with the granite decoration, as well as an all-round rocker attitude that is constantly present.

As you walk in from the main entrance you are encountered with a huge barrel of Super Bock beer, a challenge you accept from the moment you step in. “Pherrugem” is divided into 4 divisions, a stand-up chill out area with a darts board, a dance floor with a bar, another chill-out area with sofas and last but not least an outside area in case the weather allows it.

“Pherrugem” is always a dependable option every day of the week and a good transition place before going somewhere else. In order to know which DJ´s are playing check the Facebook link below for more information. Keep on Rocking!!!

Address: Rua das Oliveiras 83, 4050-448 Porto

Opening times: 21:00- 4:00 everyday

Tel.: +351 919 505 696

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps