Pedro dos Frangos

“Pedro dos Frangos” Pedro of the Chickens is a traditional Portuguese “churrascaria” barbecue house that specializes in grilled chicken. There are two restaurants that face each other “Pedro dos Frangos” 1 and 2 owned by the same family and opposite each other. “Pedro dos Frangos 1” opened first and is over 50 years old, while “Pedro dos Frangos 2” opened later and is around 17 years old.

As the name suggests, the speciality here is the chicken with “Piri Piri” sauce. “Piri Piri” bird’s eye chili originates from Mozambique and Angola, former Portuguese colonies. It was brought back to Portugal soon after its discovery and since then it has been a staple chili sauce that is available in every Portuguese “Churrascaria” as well as some other dishes like the “Bifana”, a stewed pork sandwich indigenous to the city of Porto. The best place to sit is the counter, order half a chicken per person with a copious amount of “Piri Piri” sauce, accompanied by the classic rice and chips, with a tomato & onion salad and a glass of wine, this will set you back at €6.30. There are other options on the menu but none of them beat how well the chicken is executed.

For desert I would recommend the “Pudium Frances” French flan, “Torta de Noz” sponge cake topped with fresh cream and chocolate shavings, “Rabanadas” Portuguese style French toast or the “Maca Assada” roasted apple.

Pedro really knows how to grill his chickens and I turn to him most of the time that I get “Piri Piri” chicken cravings. Pedro never lets me down, and I guess that’s why they have been open for more than 50 years, with two restaurants facing each other maintaining this poultry tradition alive.

Address: Rua do Bonjardim 223 4000 Porto

Opening Hours: Mon-Sunday from 11:00 – 22:00

Tel.: 22 200 8522

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps