O Ernesto

“O Ernesto” is a modern version of a Portuguese family restaurant, it exists since 1938 and today the owner is the son of the restaurants first owner, Mr Ernesto. A private outside area exists and when the weather allows it, it is a quite pleasant space, it only has 2-3 tables, so I would advise you book in advance if you prefer this option.

You have several Portuguese dishes that are always on rotation during the week. The house specialties include: The “lombinhos de pescada com molho de marisco” battered fish fillets with seafood sauce, you can find this option everyday and the individual portion is around €8,50. On Tuesday you can order “tripas a moda do porto”, which is tripe made in the Porto way, this dish costs €7,20. On Thursdays you have “Cozido a Portuguesa”, Boiled meat and vegetables made the Portuguese way, one of my favourites. You can also order octopus which is quite well made at Ernesto. They normally serve it in two different ways, in battered fillets or boiled and slightly roasted in the oven, the latter option is my favourite . “Cabrito Assado”, roasted kid (goat) is a Portuguese delicacy and is sometimes served here, so if it´s on the menu it is defiantly worth trying, it is marinated for at least 12 hours in a garlic and paprika sauce. There is also a standard option that you find almost in every restaurant but at Ernesto it is surprisingly good, in Portuguese it is called “vitela assada”, Roast Veal.

Generally even though this is a traditional family restaurant, I find it a bit pricey for what you get. If you have a soup, entrées, a main dish, dessert and coffee it can get to about 15-20 euros per person. The reason I find it to be pricey is that you can get the same quality food for cheaper in other places. Here you are paying for the decoration and the service mostly, but for a special occasion it is a good option.


Address: Rua da Picaria, 85

Tel: 222002600

Opening hours: Monday 12:00-15:00; Tuesday- Saturday 12:00 -15:00 & 19:30-22:00;

Links: Ernesto

Location: GMaps


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  • Tinha este restaurante em boa conta, das vezes que lá comi, fui sempre bem servido e com uma boa relação qualidade-preço. Mas a última vez que lá me desloquei foi uma desilusão. Comida requentada, preço elevado e mau serviço. É uma pena pois era um dos bons restaurantes no centro do Porto.

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