O Buraquinho

“O Buraquinho” the little hole is a traditional “tasca” that has been maintaining its rituals for 80 years, always with the same ownership being kept within the family. From the outside it looks like nothing really exists, but as soon as you walk inside, the traditional Portuguese “tasca” feel slaps you in the face. It is Impossible for you to walk in and not feel like you are in Porto, with decoration and style so unique that it would be impossible to recreate if you wanted to make a replica.

As soon as you walk in there will always be someone sitting at the counter and most likely he will be an old man. As you look to your left you will see displayed all the goodies that you will be eating. As you start to wonder if you should really eat here, don’t be a pussy, sit down where there is space and ask for the menu and a glass of wine. The “vinho verde” young white wine is quite good while the red and the “espadal” rosé are of sub-standard quality. A small glass is €0.65, a big glass €0.75 and if you are more people ½ litre is €2 while a litre is €4.

Depending on the amount of people, what you need to order is the “combinado”, it means combined and is a mixture of “tripa” tripe, “morcela” blood sausage, “bucho” pig stomach and “rojão” pig chunks made in a special broth. This way you can try a bit of everything and start your journey on becoming a “Tripeiro” a tripe eating Porto local. The “combinado” comes in 3 sizes small €2.10 for 1 person, medium €5.50 for 2-3 people and large €10 for 4-6 people. You can order all the things in the “combinado” separately if you like also.

If you are too much of a tourist to try this there are also other pussy friendly options which could be more of your liking, for example the “caldo verde” collard greens soup €1.40 or the “alheira com ovo” what I call the Jewish sausage due to its history within Portugal. It is made from chicken, pork (I know it’s not kosher but at the time it didn’t have pork it was added later) and bread and served with a fried egg €4.20. There is also “lombo” roasted pork loin €2.10 or “lingua” stewed cow tongue €2.10.

If on the other hand you continue to feel adventuress and are still hungry you can try the “chispe/unha” which is boiled pig foot that is then cooked on an open flame €2.50 or the “papas” blood soup €1.4. My favourite thing in this place is the “morcela” the blood sausage, for a person who is not a big fan I thought it was exceptional and even made me look at it in a completely different way.

As you can tell this place is pretty affordable for the authenticity that you get and just like in animal farm the pig really does reign strong here. I keep hearing from people that this place is too traditional for an average tourist, so I challenge you to the ultimate test. You will automatically start to become more Portuguese after this experience and start talking about where you should have your next meal, without even having finished your current one.

 Oink Oink and good luck.      


Address: Praça dos Poveiros n°33, 4000-393 Porto, Portugal

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 10:30 am – 8:00 pm

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Location: GMaps