Nabos da Púcara

“Nabos da Púcara” Turnips in a Tea Cup is a modern restaurant that has only been open for one year and 4 months now, but it seems like it has been there for longer. This feeling is probably due to the fact that Hugo the owner has been a chef for 18 years, the love for Portuguese food is noticeable. The food is a modern take on traditional recipes while still maintaining the original flavours.

As well as a restaurant there is a grocery shop where you can buy regional Portuguese products, from canned seafood and fish delicacies from a cooperative in “Matosinhos” called “Própeixe” as well as several regional smoked meats and cheeses. All of the products that Hugo uses to cook can be found in the grocery shop, so you can recreate the dishes at home if you want. The house specialities include the “Cavala Marinada” marinated mackerel 5.20€, “açorda de espargos e porco preto” A regional bread soup from the “Alentejo” which includes asparagus and smoked black pork €6.80 as well as “Tábua queijos e enchidos” a mixed plater of regional smoked meats and cheese 9€ for 2 people €5 for 1. There is also a large selection of wines from the most important wine producing regions of Portugal, and surprisingly they are very affordable.

The way the different dishes are combined with the chefs suggestions of wine enlighten the experience and you can really travel from region to region picking your favourite flavours. This is a type of place you come to experience Hugo’s selection of local products, after tasting the food you know he is on the right track. He offers the possibility of group reservations up to a maximum of 14 people and what a journey he takes you through, this is talking out of experience, obviously. It is similar to Alice in Wonderland’s Mad tea party, but instead of tea there was actually a turnip, as the name “Nabos da Púcara” Turnips in a Tea Cup suggests. Hugo is the understandably “The Hatter” responsible for taking you on a magical gastronomical experience.

Address: Rua da Picaria, 40, Porto

Tel.: 223 222 222

Opening Times: 11:00 – 11:30 Tue – Sat

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps