A Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves

“A Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves” The “Chaves” Pastry store is a place that specializes in a puff pastry speciality from the city of “Chaves” in the north of Portugal, close to the border with Spain. They have innovated the traditional recipe and have included different stuffing to the original format of the pastry. This store is relatively recent and they have been open for not more than 2 years now. Even though they are a franchise I still think they have to be praised for maintaining a traditional Portuguese recipe and innovating on it to match current people’s tastes.

The original “Chaves” pastry was made with minced veal, but they offer a range of stuffing that you can chose from, like chicken, chicken with sun dried tomatoes, chicken and chili, codfish, vegetables and cheese, as well as the dessert options like egg & almond and last but not least chocolate. Each one of these pastries will set you back at 1 euro each, a small price to pay for this mouth-watering treat. They also offer several salads to choose from, different bagel combinations as well as toasties, but to be honest I only come here either for the bagels or the “Chaves” pastries.

This pastry store is an ideal place to go for brunch or a snack, it offers you the chance to try a Portuguese classic in a different way at economical prices. As well as being very close to the shopping street of “Santa Catarina” and on top of that it is open on Sundays, when most places are closed. They have also opened another store in “Boavista” due to its popularity, as well as other Portuguese cities like “Gaia”, “Braga” and “Guimarães”.

Address: Rua da Firmeza 476 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 22 208 7091

Opening times: Mon-Sun 09:00-20:00

Links: Facebook, Web

Location: GMaps