Le Chien Qui Fume

“Le Chien Qui Fume” or as said in Portuguese “O Cão Que Fuma” means the Dog that Smokes; this name was first given to this restaurant in 1943 by a French couple who founded the place. It was an elite restaurant at the time where you had a large welcoming area and only a few tables in the back, it was quite expensive and was founded in order to copy the same style of cuisine as a restaurant from Paris which is called “Au Chien Qui Fume”. This French couple ended leaving Portugal due to fear of the Jewish inquisition and the restaurant passed from several owners until in 1990 Antonio Teixeira bought the place, he is the owner and chef with over 40 years experience in the restaurant business. He maintained the original French feel to the restaurant since he was 4 years in Switzerland and had grown a liking to French cuisine.

The restaurant currently fuses Portuguese and French cuisine which is executed in a home-made fashion. The Specialities include “filetes de pescada com ameijoas” battered and deep fried Hake filets with clams €9.00. Cordon Bleu, a French speciality which consists of a deep fried and breaded pork filet stuffed with cheese and ham €8.90. “Bacalhau das quintas” literally translated it means Codfish from the Farm and consists of boiled codfish mixed with Galician cabbage and mashed potatoes which is then roasted in the oven €9.00. “Arroz de carquijo” Gorse Rice, which is made with chicken, rabbit and bacon. This speciality has to be ordered in advance. For dessert you can order the home made coffee and strawberry ice-cream €4.50 or the “Abobrada com canela e chantili” which is kind of like a crème brulee made from pumpkin served with whipped cream and cinnamon €2.30.

This restaurant is a landmark of “Rua da Almada” and having a history behind it of 73 years makes it a special place in my traditionalist perspective. The food is executed above average and has a home-made feel to it. I also like the fact that it has maintained part of its history and this is felt in the atmosphere and fusion flavours you experience within its dishes. For this reason this place is unique and no other in the world like it exists. If you feel like experiencing a Portuguese take on a classic French restaurant come share a cigarette with the local smoking dog.

Address: Rua da Almada 405, 4050-039

Tel.: 222059340

Opening Times:  Mon-Thu 12:00-14:30/19:00-22:15 Fri 12:00-14:30/19:00-24:00 Sat 19:00-24:00 Closed: Sun

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