Guindalense FC.

“Guindalense FC.” Was inaugurated in 1976, having been “Rosas da Sé” folklore dance association before that. The cable car that passes by every couple of minutes was built in 2001. This café is known for its amazing view and the parties it organises on special occasions like new years and “Festa de São João do Porto” Saint John’s celebration in Porto, this place is known to be one of the best views to see the fireworks that are normally launched from the “Dom Luis 1” Bridge. If you want to book a table for these events make sure you book in advance because some people reserve their table 2 months in advance.

This café is a good place to go after lunch on a sunny day and enjoy a coffee, a glass of port wine and if you still feel a bit hungry ask for the “hotdog”, a peculiar looking version but also a new and surprisingly tasty way to snack. This sports association that organised sports events so diverse from football to fishing has halted this activity and now focus on organising events like I mentioned earlier, as well as the occasional “Fado” night. The association consists of 155 partners that each pay 50 cents a month to keep it going, every cent counts to keep this neighbourhood meeting point alive.

Since you’re in the area, you might as well go down the “Escadas dos Guindais” the stone staircase leading to the café, until you reach “Ribeira”, the old port next to “D. Luis 1” bridge. “Guindalense FC” is probably one of the best places to relax enjoy some sun and let yourself go with the drop-your-jaw view.

Address: Escadas dos Guindais 43, 4000-277 Porto

Opening Hours: 14:00 – 19:00

Tel.: 222034246

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps

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