Galeria de Paris

“Galeria de Paris” The Paris Gallery has a special meaning to Porto as well as being named after the street in which it is located. They were the pioneers in bringing the night life to the centre, since this was the first most popular bar to spawn in this area. The Paris gallery has been open for 7 years and since then the “baixa” centre of Porto has become unrecognizable in comparison to before.

As you walk in you are automatically attacked by memories from the past with several hundred vintage artefacts being displayed on the walls. Only a true vintage hoarder would be able to have a collection like this one. It’s a little bit over the top but at the same time it still gives this place a certain type of charm.

One of the most amazing things about this place is that it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, from 8:30-4:00. Breakfast includes toast, butter, jam, fruit salad, orange juice and a warm drink, all of this for €1.80. The lunch buffet is €4,50 and includes bread, the main dish, fruit and coffee. Dinner is “al a carte” and on average you pay around €12. I have eaten here for lunch several times and the quality of the food is of restaurant buffet/canteen quality. If you really want to come for a meal I would recommend you to go for dinner, but in general the only thing I eat here are the cakes which are ok in quality, big portions I might add. To be honest I only come to “Galerías”, as they are called locally, for beer or coffee, but I think maybe one of these days I will go for breakfast.

This street is like a carnival on weekends, so if you wish to come to “Galerías” to experience “Baixa” at its full swing, salted with extra chaos, I suggest you go Friday or Saturday. If on the other hand you want a more relaxed atmosphere, but still some movement come on Thursdays. Every day of the working week they have something musical happening in “Galerías”, Tuesdays is “Fado”, Wednesdays a Cuban night, Thursdays Brazilian “Forró” and Fridays they have Folk.

We locals thank “Galerías” for being the first bar to create within “Baixa” the stage of Porto’s nightlife, it used to be in two areas of the city that were extremely depressing and obnoxious, not a good mix. They were “Zonal Industrial” an industrial park and “Molhe” a local rich kid hangout. At the same time that we thank “Galerías” for sparking this evolution in our nightlife we also hate it because many bad places that were located in these two districts moved here. Like the Rolling Stones put it “No, you can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometime (to go to the right places) you find, you get what you need”.

Address: Rua da Galeria de Paris, 56, Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 22 201 6218

Opening Times: 8:30 – 4:00 everyday

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps