Flor do Parque

“Flor do Parque” Flower of the park, formally known as “Adega Sousa” Sousa’s wine cellar has been open since 1945. This place is a true traditional Portuguese “Tasca”, economically priced, an underlying hospitality that you feel from the moment you step inside and always containing several locals that hang out there.

The reason I was told to come here was for the “Pataniscas de Bacalhau” Large cod fish cakes, either served on a plate or with bread, they are definitely worth trying, especially when you realize that they are €0.70. They also provide a lunch menu with two regular specials which are always available on Wednesdays and Thursdays; “Tripas” Tripe €3.50 and “Cozido a Portuguesa” boiled selection of meats and vegetables €4, respectively. If you feel like fish instead I would recommend the “Bacalhau a Braga” a fried cod fish fillet served with onions paprika sauce and chips €5. The astonishing thing of this place are the prices, which are affordable because it is the local regulars that sustain its existence. Don’t be put down by how cheap this place is, the food is made with humility and affection. The fact that a glass of wine is €0.6 and the beer €0.9 may also sway your attention.

Jose Maria the last proprietor still works there, but it has been owned by Sr. Paulo for the last 15 years. This picturesque place is a good option for a snack, I would go for “Pataniscas de Bacalhau” and a glass of white wine. It is also a window into how things have been done the old fashioned way for a long time and a direct experience with local working class culture. On your way from the centre of town to “Mercado do Bolhão” the oldest local market, stop by and take a look for yourself.


Address: 433 Rua do Bonjardim, Porto

Tel.: 222051412

Opening Times: 8:00-19:00. Closed on Sundays.

Location: GMaps