El´ Reys

“El´ Reys” is a picturesque Snack-Bar in a beautiful part of the city called “Passeio das Virtudes”. The Snack-Bar is open every day from 8:00-00:00, so it´s always an option if you feel like a drink or a snack accompanied by a good view, especially at the time the sun sets.

Close by you have “Parque das Virtudes” literally translated the park of virtues, an old roman garden that is open from 10:00-17:00 every day. It is great for a picnic or a stroll. The view to the river from this park is exceptional.

“El´ Reys” is extremely affordable, a 0.33cl beer is €1 and a mini (0.25cl) is €0.80. They also have several snacks, for example a sandwich is €1.50, made with a fresh baguette. A “rissole” Portuguese empanada is €0.80, they have veal, suckling piglet and a seafood option. They also provide several fresh juice options which are worth trying if you don’t feel like alcohol. An expresso is only €0.60.

This Snack-bar is defiantly worth taking advantage of due to its low prices, its wonderful terrace, with an even better view of the Douro River. It is also a good place to watch a football game if the weather allows for it, I would suggest that you get there 15-20 min before in order to guarantee a seat. On a virtuous sunny day take a walk in the park I mentioned, and work up an appetite to then sit on the terrace and watch the sunset, while you sip on your cold beer and eat a pastry. A great plan for a pleasurable afternoon.


Address: Passeio das Virtudes 49, 4050-629 Porto

Opening Hours: 8:00-00:00 everyday

Tel: 919270725

Location: GMaps