Comme Ça

“Comme Ça” is a French expression that means “like this”, but it is also a play on words in Portuguese, if you take the accent away and as well as an “m” it reads “Come Ca” meaning eat here. This restaurant is quite new and has only been open since May 2014. Even though they are newly established in the historical centre of the city they have not succumb to the capitalist pattern of refurbishment and have maintained an authentic Portuguese look, as well serving authentic Portuguese dishes. The most surprising thing about this place is how affordable it is if you stick to the set menu’s that they offer.

The lunch Menu is the most affordable, for €4,50 you get access to a Drink, coffee, a main dish and unlimited salad bar; there is a slight catch, if you leave any leftover salad on your plate you are charged €1,50 salad penalty for wasting salad. The typical dishes you should look out for, for lunch include “Vitela Assada” oven roasted veal and “Arroz de Pato” Duck rice as well as some grilled fish options.

The dinner menu is slightly more expensive and is “À la carte”. But one dish is normally enough for 2 people if you have dessert. The main dishes for dinner revolve around €12 and my favourites include: “Bifes de Viado com pêras bêbedas” venison steak with drunken roast pears. “Truta Salmonada com queijo da serra” Salmon Trout with mountain goat cheese. “Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá” a codfish casserole made with potatoes, eggs, olives, olive oil and onion.


On Friday and Saturday nights they offer Brazilian and Cabo Verde live music, respectively. The outside of the restaurant is covered in gothic architecture and the inside is plastered with old Portuguese artefacts giving it a unique atmosphere and feel. Combined with the affordable prices and traditional take of the cuisine, as the name suggests you have to “eat here” in “this way”: “Come ca” “Comme Ça”.

Address: Rua José Falcão, Nº 199, Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 22 203 3098

Opening Times:  Monday – Sunday: 12:00 – 15:00 19:00 – 23:00

Links:   Facebook , Web

Location:  GMaps


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