Cervejaria Mirita

Walking through the door of Mirita is like going back in time. The doorway is an authentic time machine. You walk inside and you feel like you are somewhere in the Portuguese countryside 20-30 years ago. This place represents the true “taberna” feel that you can only experience in a local Portuguese bar, thus encompassing a constant smell of fried fish, dirty bathrooms, cheap alcohol (mostly locally made) and an unmatchable hospitality you get from all people that work there.

It would be advisable not to eat anything there. I am sure there is some sense of hygiene, but since I have no idea how long the food has been there on display for, personally I would rather not risk it. You go to Mirita to drink in-between going somewhere, definitely not to grab a snack. Often me and my friends often joke that the bathrooms haven´t been cleaned since the dictator “Salazar” was in power and that the smartest thing you could ever do would be to ask for a boiled egg at Mirita and eat it in the bathroom, therefore boosting your immune system.

To drink at Mirita you have the standard €0.5 mini (0,20cl beer), this is even cheaper than buying them in the supermarket which cost €0.52. Also the chiripiti (Portuguese firewater with honey) which sort of tastes like mead. “Ponte de Amarante” (Aged Portuguese firewater), this is a perfect after meal digestive or if its cold a good way to warm up. The “house” red and white are nothing special, but since it´s so cheap, give it a try if you feel like it. Also the coffee there is surprisingly good, “café Cristina” the oldest Portuguese coffee, my personal favourite.

In front of Mirita there is a small fountain called “Fonte da oliveiras” (olive tree fountain). There are also several benches where you can sit down, enjoy your drink, read if you like, or have a conversation with friends, or even the local residents. This is a local drinking spot where you experience true culture and you can drink as much as you want without worrying about how much its going to cost. They have even introduced a loyalty card where the 6th mini and chiripiti is free, but you have to ask for it. It is best to go at night, before or after dinner. One word of advice, don’t worry about the punks who hang out there, they are completely harmless. Happy hunting.


Kuusk, Adele Thele (Photographer) 2015. Mirita, Porto, Portuga. (Photograph) November, 2015. TumblrFacebook


Address: Rua Mártires Liberdade, nº 34 , Porto, Portugal

Timetable: Monday – Sunday : 8:00 – 2:00

Phone: +351 222 052 953

Website: Mirita

Location: GMaps