Cervejaria Gazela

Gazela is unsurprisingly one of those tiny places where the name gives you no clue what they serve, but the aroma in the air and heaps of people waiting for a seat at the counter might. This little gem hidden away off the main square at Batalha is famous for 2 things; firstly (in my personal opinion) their own take on a hotdog, served chopped into perfect bite size pieces for €2,75. A fresh sausage embedded in a little fluffy bread that’s been toasted for so long and smothered in spicy oil, slowly, progressively and expertly until it seeps in to every crevice and bite.

Thinking about it kind of makes me loose my culinary vocabulary, I almost forgot to describe in excruciating detail how the melted cheese melded with the spicy oil works perfectly so that you can wolf down, what I’ve dubbed “spicy meat popcorn”.

The “prego em pão” here, is a thinly sliced beef steak fried on a sizzling griddle with nothing but salt, to the point of perfection, served in a fresh white bread roll, and the obligatory slice of cheese and ham. It is, in my opinion what you would eat if you’re in some way averse to the spicy hotdog or looking for a slightly bigger meal to complement your hotdog. They’re know for it and it’s well worth trying, if your still hungry after your 3rd hotdog.

What I find impressive about this operation is the way they’ve managed to fit all of this in to 40m2 with no more than 15 seats around the semicircular counter and two old timers behind the counter knocking all of this out to what must be an overwhelming amount of people. It’s so popular that they are now closed over the weekend. So if you are here in Porto for a weekday, don’t forget to check it out. If you´re lost, all you have to do is make it near Batalha Square and just say “cachorros?!” and undoubtedly you will be pointed in the right direction.

Address: Travessa Cimo de Vila, 4. Batalha

Schedule: Open Mon-Fri 12:00-22:30

Links: Gazela

Location: GMaps


Guest Author: Daniel Andersen