Casa Viuva

“Casa Viuva” The House of The Widow, is a traditional restaurant that has been open for the last 70 years. It has always been handed down from owner to employee since the original owner; this has happened three times. What I like about this place is that it serves cheap simple food and the service is quick and efficient; as well as its extremely central location.

The specialities include the “Alheira” €4.9, what I call the Jewish-Portuguese sausage which consists of pork, chicken and bread and has a very peculiar taste. The story goes that during the catholic inquisition, Portuguese Jews used to hang this sausage in their smokehouses as a cover, obviously back then they didn’t include pork. “Rojoes a Moda da Casa” pork chunks cooked in the “house” sauce €4.9. “Bife da Casa” the house steak served with chips, rice and an egg on top, this is one of the most expensive options on the menu and it is a quite tall and succulent, but in my opinion not worth the €9.50 they ask for. “Bacalhau a Braga” €5.50, Cod-Fish made the “Braga” way, which is fried in a paprika sauce and served with sliced onion, rice and chips. “Lombo Assado” roasted pork loin, is juicy, cooked to perfection and with the right flavours, €4.9.

I would suggest this restaurant if you are looking for a quick cheap meal and you are close by. The food is ok, not exceptional, but for the price you are paying and the location it is a pretty good deal. My favourite would have to be the “Alheira” it is always cooked to perfection and they have always managed to guarantee quality with this dish. The house wines are available here in abundance at a very cheap price, but I am doubtful about their quality, next time I will ask for beer. Deserts tend to vary daily, but the most common to appear are the cheese-cake, the almond tart and the chocolate mousse.

In conclusion, I can say that for one lady who is manning the kitchen and one waiter coordinating the tables, this place gets by with a delicate form of grace; offering simple traditional dishes at economically fair prices. Almost like a widow, it gets by with the resources around her, while still maintaining the traditional Portuguese marriage that we locals have with old-school flavours.

Address: Rua Ator Joao Guedes 15, Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 222000672

Opening times: Mon-Saturday 12:00 – 16:00, 18:00 – 23:00

Location: GMaps