Casa Meia Lua

“Casa Meia Lua” House of The Half Moon is a snack-bar that on Thursdays offers the traditional “Fado Vadio”. It is quite recent that they have started to offer these afternoons of “Fado”.

As you walk in you are faced with a local crowd of people with their elbows on the counter and a glass of wine in one hand. You look to your left and you can see the snacks that you will be able to order. “Rissóis” Portuguese empanadas either of fish or meat (veal) €0.70. “trouxas” potato purée, with minced meat and an olive, everything is breaded and deep fried in a cylinder shape. “Moelas” Chicken gizzards made in a tomato based sauce €1.50. “Patanisca” a large cod fish cake that is battered and deep-fried. “Bola de Carne” a meat pie that is baked €0.80. Shrimp €2.00. “Bolinhos de Bacalhau” smaller cod fish cakes. Olives €1.00. Various choices in sandwiches, with “Presunto” Portuguese Parma ham, cheese and normal ham. Nothing in terms of food is out of the ordinary here, the “Fado” is what you come here for, but it is always a good idea to eat while you drink.

The Atmosphere here is unique and you will only find locals here, the thing that unites them on Thursday afternoons is a common love for “Fado” as well as wine and food. These “Fado” afternoons are used to catch up with old friends, an excuse to eat and drink and relive the old days through every “Fado” song that is sung. What differentiates this place from others that offer “fado” is the diversity of the crowd, all locals; You get a mix of old couples, younger people, “Fado” singers, prostitutes on their day off, a true mix of every social class. This mix is unique and everyone respects each other, as well as the “Fado”, so do not be alarmed. The local people of “Sé” are what give this place it´s flair, a truly Portuguese feel worth experiencing


Address: Rua de Cimo de Vila no. 151

“Fado Vadio” Timetable: Thursdays 16:30 – 20:00

Location: GMaps

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