Casa Marlindo

As a lunch time spot during the week “Casa Marlindo” house of the beautiful sea (literal translation) is a recently opened restaurant (August 2014) that has quickly become a staple family restaurant in the area, it serves good Portuguese food for affordable prices. The lunch menu includes soup, the choice between 4/5 meat or fish options, a drink and coffee for the astonishing price of 5€.

The cook and matriarch of the establishment “Paula” is quite able around the kitchen even though she has not had any prior experience in the restaurant business. She has learnt how to cook from her mother, just how tradition dictates, and from cooking for her family. Everyone you see at “Casa Marlindo” is somehow related to the family, the waiters include her daughter, her brother and her husband who coordinates everyone.

The speciality here I would say would be the “tripas” tripe, I have heard from several people and tried them myself, they are exceptional. “vitela estufada com ervilhas” veal stew with peas is also very good, one of the closest I have ever tasted to my mother’s recipe. “costelinhas de leitão” suckling pig ribs were also very good. In terms of fish they always have the grilled sea-bass and sardines, the best options if you feel like fish.

You pay an extra euro for desert if you still feel hungry, I would go for seasonal fruit or “romeu & julieta” which is cheese with marmalade. The deserts and main courses vary according to the day, season and Paula’s choice, so pass by, take a look at the menu and take advantage of the terrace if it is a sunny day.

I am glad to see that these family establishments continue to appear on the streets of Porto. Since my mum lives far away from me I can always come for lunch here, and be reminded of what it is like to have the comfort of home cooked food.

Address: Rua de Trás, nº15-21, 4050-615 Porto

Tel: 914327511

Opening hours: 11:00 – 22:00

Links: Facebook

Location: GMaps