Casa Guedes

This landmark almost doesn’t need an introduction, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Casa Guedes, known as “o Guedes” is the cornerstone of a Portuguese family restaurant, with traditional products, 1980´s decoration, a family atmosphere and great appreciation for traditional ingredients and products.

My ideal meal there includes starting off with a bottle/glass of “vinho verde” and eating a selection of cheeses, moving onto a bottle/glass of Rosé and trying a selection of smoked meats. My favourite is the “paio de porco preto” (black pig Paio). Following this injection of healthy cholesterol, I move onto the red wine and ask for two “Pernil” sandwiches. Some people add “queijo da serra” (cheese) to the sandwiches but in my opinion it totally overpowers the taste of the meat, which is cooked for 6 hours for a reason… to be tasted at its full potential. For desert I normally have the “queijo da serra” cheese with pumpkin jam. When I do this I normally skip the cheeses at the beginning and have a “caldo verde” (Collard greens) soup, instead. To finish off a “short” coffee and a bagaço (fire water) helps you with digestion, and always gets you in the owners good graces. This meal is quite pricey and can go up to 15-20 euros but you experience all of what “Casa Guedes” has to offer. For a more economical option substitute the wine for “Super Bock” beer, the entrées and desert for a “caldo verde” soup.

Tip: they also have daily specials, but they are nothing out of the ordinary; sometimes they have “Pernil meat” with black beans and rice, this special is worth having.

The only downfall about this place is the slow service. Service here is only slow at peak hours, essentially every day at dinner time, it sort of comes with the territory; on the weekends it´s extremely full for lunch and dinner. Best time to go: lunch time during the week. Worst time to go: 8-10pm on weekends. Even though the service is slow due to its popularity, I understand the reasons, the owners don’t want to expand and they want the place to stay the same and serve the same high quality food that they are known for. You may wait for your food, but it will always be served hot, with consistent quality. “Bom Apetite”. Happy Munching.

Address: Praça Dos Poveiros 130, 4000 Porto

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, from 8:30 – 10:00 pm

Phone: 22 200 2874

Website: Facebook

Location: GMaps