Casa Ferreira

“Casa Ferreira” Ferreira House is a typical family owned restaurant. It has been open for over 75 years and has always had the same owners, even everyone that works here is part of the family, this has been the tradition since it opened.

It is relatively well located only a 5/10 min walk from the “Trindade” metro station and I must say that the quality of the food you get here has always been consistently good all the times that I have eaten here. The house specialities include, “Bacalhau a Ferreira” which is Cod Fish that is fried and served with a paprika and tomato sauce as well as round chips. “Pataniscas” cod fish-cakes served with bean rice, always served on Wednesdays. “Bife a Ferreira” the house steak which is served with rice and potatoes and a fried egg on top, if you wish. “Bife de Alcatera com queijo da serra” sirloin steak served with mountain goat cheese is also exceptional, always made with quality meat and as tradition goes served with double carbs, French fries and rice. “Secretos de Porco Preto” Black pig secrets directly translated; black pig is a specific species of pork that is indigenous to a region in Portugal called “Alentejo”, the meat is 2/3 times more fatty than normal pig and this characteristic makes the meat taste unbelievably good, almost like a bacon tasting steak. “Cozido a portuguesa” selection of boiled vegetables and pork meats, this dish is always available on Thursdays. “Rojoes com arroz de sarrabulho” Pork chunks served with pork blood rice. “Pernil” roasted pork leg. These main dishes range from €6 to €9.

To drink I would stick to house wines, red, white and young white; they also have bottled options but this will push up the price of the bill. The deserts here are all homemade and worth trying if you have a sweet tooth towards the end of your meal, they tend to alter seasonally but my favourites include “Pudim de bata doce” Sweet potato flan, “Tarte de Limão e Merengue” a Portuguese variation of the lemon merengue pie and last but not least “Natas do Céu” whipped cream from heaven literally translated, egg whites whipped with sugar, an addition of broken biscuits and egg based custard.

“Casa Ferreira” as well as serving quality traditional food is also the perfect place to watch football games, it has a smoking and non-smoking room, depending on your preference, and the owner Sr. Ferreira is a huge F.C. Porto fan. Watching games here is the next best thing to watching it at the stadium, while you eat good food, smoke, and enjoy the F.C. Porto loving atmosphere.

Address: Rua do Almada, 615, Porto

Tel.: +351 22 200 3117

Opening Times: 8:00 – 23:00 Saturday – Sunday

Location: GMaps