Casa Expresso

“Casa Expresso” the Express House is a traditional family owned “Tasca” where the wife works in the kitchen and the owner behind the bar. This “Tasca” has been open since the 50´s and the current owner worked as an employee from 1978 until 1992, where he decided to buy the place he knew so well and run it himself.

As a restaurant, serving proper meals the place is average in comparison to others, but the snacks here are definitely above average and worth trying. The specialities here in my opinion are the “Rojão “ pork chunks, served best on a plate with a special sauce which is the secret of the house. One suggestion, soak the remaining sauce with bread. The “chispe” pig foot is also exceptional here €1.80 served with “Molho Verde” onion, parsley and olive oil, one of the few places I know that does this. The “Presunto” Portuguese Parma ham here is ok but could use some extra ageing, but the way it is cut by hand is old school, a small plate is €4.00. You can also ask for “orelheira” pig ears and the “bucho” served both with the “Molho Verde”,  €2.50 for a small plate of either one.

If you feel like fish the best options is the cod, if there is any left. The “bacalhau assado” is good, it is roasted cod served in a paprika sauce €3.00. The “Punheta de Bacalhau” Cod Fish Hand Job (literal translation) is also executed well here, it is a cod-fish salad served with onions, olives, garlic, olive oil and sometimes paprika €3.00. To drink do the obvious, the house red for meat and white for fish, they are of average quality but affordable even for Portuguese standards. They also have a bottled young white option which is “vinho da lixa”, worth a taste.

This is an ideal and inexpensive place to grab a snack if you are around the centre of town and I would say it is definitely a better option than going to an Ikea furnished replica that serves overpriced fusion gourmet food, that feels as impersonal and as clinical as a Scandinavian hospital. At “Casa Expresso” you get to experience good humble food prepared by a truly Portuguese family, with over 30 years of experience. The most impressive thing is that they continue to love what they do and will continue this establishment´s tradition as long as they can, or as long as one of the family members is willing.


Address: Praça Carlos Alberto no. 73,  4050-158 Porto

Opening Times: Monday – Saturday  12:00 – 11:00

Contact: 222 005 618

Location: GMaps

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