Casa Do Pescador

“Casa do Pescador” the house of the fisherman is a family owned fish grill-house that has been open for 40+ years. There are two main fisherman villages in Porto, “Afurada” where this restaurant is located and “Matosinhos”, which is further up north on the coast. The owner Rufino Fonseca has been working 35+ years to help finance the restaurant. With 30 years in the Nordic Sea, where he would be at sea for 6 months at a time, as well as 4-6 years in the merchant navy in Holland. All this time away from home started to be too much and finally he decided to come back and help his wife and family run the restaurant.

The Specialities include “Arroz de Marisco” Seafood Rice. “Arroz de Tamboril” Monk fish rice. Grilled fish is the reason you should come here, with several locally caught fish available; “Robalo” Sea Bass, “Dourada” Gilthead Bream and “Sardinhas” Sardines. If you accompany the fish with some young white wine “Vinho Verde” your tastebuds will worship you forever.

“Afurada” the town where the restaurant is located is very picturesque and a good example of how you can experience the countryside, while still being very close to the city. You almost feel automatically more relaxed by walking around here, and the colourful buildings make it a very quaint and comfortable town. In order to get there you can take the old tram until “Arrabida Bridge”, a little bit further ahead you can take a boat to the other side of the river for €1.50. The last boat is around 18:30 but if you negotiate a price with the captain you can pay extra for the trip back, or even take a bus (€2) or a taxi (€8-€10) back into town. “Casa do Pescador” is a good idea for a sunny evening dinner plan, especially on Tuesdays where “Adega do Rio” has “Fado Vadio” in the afternoon and at night you can treat yourself to some local fish and Nordic fisherman stories.


Address: Rua Vasco da Gama 18, Afurada, 4400 Gaia

Tel.: 2278130777 / 963238613

Opening Times: Mon – Sun: 8:00-21:00

Location: GMaps