Casa Aleixo

“Casa Aleixo” is one of the oldest restaurants in Porto, it has been open for more than 100 years. The current owners are not the founders but they have maintained the tradition and the name of the original owner, now its owned by the Ramiro family. This is quite a famous place and always tends to be full so I suggest you book in advance.

The speciality here is the octopus, one of the best I have had I must say. They also have a wood fire oven which gives the food a unique flavour. As a starter I would suggest the “Croquetes de alheira” a traditional Portuguese sausage that is prepared in Croquette form. For the main course the  “Polvo a Lagareiro” wood fire roasted octopus served with roasted potatoes is very good here and the smoky and crunchy texture you get from roasting the octopus in the wood fire oven really brings out the best possible flavours, at €17.00 it’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. For a cheaper option you can also order “Filetes de Polvo com arroz do mesmo” €14.00, which are battered and fried octopus fillets with octopus rice, you don’t get the oven roasted flavour but in the end I actually think you get served more octopus. The Roasted Veal I have also heard is very good here but have not tried it myself, it is also roasted in the wood fire oven. As a side dish I would suggest a tomato and onion salad which will cut the flavours of the meat or octopus and will give a fresh accompaniment.

For dessert the Portuguese speciality “Letria” a Crème brûlée style desert with very thin pasta and served with cinnamon, it is exceptional here, the best I have ever tried. Other options include the French pudding as well as the “Rabanadas” Portuguese French toast served with cinnamon and icing sugar.

Sr. Ramiro has done a great job maintaining his father’s restaurant, since he is the third generation that has taken the role of running this restaurant, he has done well in keeping the tradition alive and you can tell that he is proud of his father’s work since in the main dining area there is a photo of his dad centre stage. A great place that is full of surprises, you will eat exceptional traditional food here but at touristic prices, a little bit over budget for Portuguese pockets, but definitely worth it on a special occasion.

Address: Rua da Estacao 216, 4300-171  Porto

Tel.: 22 5370462, 223199208


Opening Times:  Monday – Saturday: 12:00- 15:00, 19:30- 22:00

Links:   Facebook

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