Capa Cana Verde

“Capa Cana Verde” Green Cover Cane literally translated is an authentic Portuguese lunch time restaurant; if you ask for directions don’t mention the name because it is known as Luis´s restaurant. For €7-10  you can expect a soup for starters, the choice of 4/5 meat or fish options for your main course, half a bottle of wine, desert, coffee and a digestive.

The quality of the food is above average and everything you get here is done in a Portuguese way, from the service to the food, it truly represents the Portuguese lunch time experience. The Restaurant is full most of the time, so expect a 5-10 min wait when arriving, the earlier you get there, the better normally; 12:00-12:30 is a good time to show up but at 14:30 there also tends to be less people, on the other hand you have less choices in terms of food.

The service here is typical to the lunch time hour, you notice this once you become a regular because the service becomes faster the more that “Luis”, the owner, knows you. Even when you are a regular you cannot be shy if the service has slowed down to your table, he likes the fact that you keep bugging him about it because then he can do the same to you if he is in a playful mood, this is the impression I get, I also could be wrong.

The specialities here include “Cozido a portuguesa” Boiled selection of pork meat with potatoes and vegetables, “Tripas a Moda do Porto” Tripe made the Porto way in a bean stew, “Rojoes a Moda do Porto” pork chunks cooked in a special sauce served with boiled blood, tripe and “Redanho” caul, “Arroz de pato” duck rice and “cordon bleu”, this is actually a French dish that consists of a schnitzel stuffed with cheese and slice of ham. Obviously these options are rotational according to the day you go there so don’t expect to find all of them every day. To drink if you want to stick to the €7-10 menu, ask for whatever the house has to offer, you get the choice between white/red or beer, if you feel like something better Luis can show you what wine he has, there is always a large selection. For desert you can order whatever is available that day or pay an extra €1.50 and get the “queijo da serra com compota” goats cheese with jam, pick the pumpkin jam it is divine.

This busy, small and authentic lunch time restaurant located on Rua dos Caldeireiros, one of the oldest streets of Porto, is an accurate representation of how things are done the old school way at lunch time. You see regulars that have been going there for over 5 years, almost every day, because they either work or live close by. They drink a whole bottle of wine to themselves, gorge their appetite with the Portuguese classics and finish off with a whiskey or cognac and most of them go to work afterwards. They can only do this with years of training because if it was me I would need a small nap afterwards in order to still be productive. For lunch one of my favoured options.

Address: Rua dos Caldeirerios no. 121  4050-140 Porto

Tel.: 222 050 556

Opening hours:  11:00-15:30

Location: GMaps