Cafe Vitória

“Café Vitoria” Victory Cafe is a great example of how a modern bar has managed to integrate within the historical centre of Porto and still maintain the traditional Portuguese look. Apart from the modern furniture and sleek design, the traditional tiles that populate the walls and the rehabilitation of the original granite structure make this Bar/Restaurant a balanced mix of old and new.

I have categorized “Vitoria” as a Bar because I believe that this is its best characteristic. It is a logical option for mid-afternoon/post-dinner coffee or drink. Even though you can have a snack here as well as a full meal, in my opinion the food is overpriced. The menu includes a modern take on Portuguese food and it fails to maintain the traditional recipes that I have grown to love. They also seem to have fused Asian and Italian cuisine within their menu which confuses me as to what they are trying to achieve.

There are certain desert options here that are worth trying like the chocolate cake or the bean tart €2, as well as the homemade biscuits. In terms of snack if you really feel like something to accompany your drinks, I would suggest the “Mini Tabua Mista” a small selection of smoked meats and cheese served with onion chutney, this will put you back at €6 but it is enough to share between two people. The toasties here are also a good option and they vary from €3.50-€5.00.

As a bar it fulfils its mission, with beer at €1.50, a glass of wine at €2 and cocktails at €4 it is relatively affordable for the atmosphere you get, as well as the service which is impeccable, one of the best in the surrounding area I would say. The space has been thought of carefully, the smoking area with a link to the outside terrace is comfortable and illuminated by natural light and the interior non-smoking area is perfectly designed if you want a slightly private working space or a recreational area to have a drink and conversation with your friends.

Definitely a spot worth checking out, in the heart of the fast growing “Baixa” centre of Porto. On Sundays it is one of the only bars that is open, and on a rainy day it becomes a great place to meet friends, enjoy a good book or help cure a Saturday night hangover with a “Meia de leite”, the Portuguese Cappuccino.

Address: Rua José Falcão 156, 4050-315 Porto

Contact: 220135538

Opening Times: Closed Tuesday. Mon-Fri: 12:00-1:00, Sat: 14:00-2:00, Sun 14:00-1:00

Links: Facebook, Web

Location: GMaps