Café Progresso

“Café Progresso” Progress Café is one of the oldest cafés in Porto. It was inaugurated September 24th 1899, even before the foundation of the Portuguese republic in 1910. It survived World War I & II a national revolution and two governmental permit changes, these can be as malicious as a revolution in Portugal if you don’t have the right friends in town hall. For 116 years this establishment has been offering their classic “Café do Saco” Coffee from the bag, literally translated. It is a different way of making filter coffee which in my opinion gives it a better flavour as well as making it stronger. The coffee is continuously brewing in the water which it’s made, in a special pouring device, until it is served, giving it more body and flavour.

As I just mentioned, “Café Progresso” is known for is its coffee as well as its brunch and lunch menu. For brunch you can order a cappuccino/black coffee, toast with the standard butter and jam, scrambled eggs and orange juice; all of this for €5. For the lunch menu you get soup, main dish, a drink and coffee for €7.50. I would opt for the daily specials because its value for money, the food will come quicker and you know it’s made that day. If on the other had none of the daily specials catches your fancy I would either opt for the “Bacalhau à Braga” fried codfish served with onions, paprika sauce and a side of chips, this for 7.50. Or “Bifanas” pork stewed in a spicy tomato based sauce €4.90.

I normally go to “Café Progresso” for brunch, or for the occasional coffee which is above standard if you prefer filter coffee. Personally I prefer an expresso, but for the history that has gone behind making this coffee, it is at least worth trying if not only to say you tried a 116 year old tradition.

Address: Rua Actor Guedes no. 5, 4050-310

Tel.: 223322647

Opening Times: 7:30-19:00 Sun- Wed, 7:30 – 2:00 Thu – Sat

Links: Facebook , Web

Location: GMaps