Cafe & Bar Pinguim

“Café Bar Pinguim” Penguin Café and Bar is one of my favourite Bars in Porto. They have been open since 1987 and I consider it to be the best cocktail bar in Porto, the owners have a true love for alcohol and you notice this in the selection spirits that they offer.

On Mondays from 11:30-2:00 they offer poetry readings downstairs. Occasionally they also host theatre performances and live bands also, check their Facebook group for these events. They have been organising these poetry readings and events since the bar opened in 87 and their continuous offer of cultural performances is a breath of fresh air in comparison to other bars that don’t offer anything similar.

In terms of drinks they offer a wide selection of pretty much every type of alcohol. Since I am a Rum and Gin kind of guy I mostly ask for “Cuba Libre” made with Captain Morgan Jamaican Rum. They also offer other Rum options, like “Flor de Caña” from Nicaragua as well as others. In terms of Gin I like to order “Blackwoods” Dry Gin 60%, they serve it with a cucumber mousse and a slice of lime, it complements the gin perfectly; they also offer 6-7 different types of Gin depending on your preference. The best way to order a drink at “Pinguim” is to talk to the bar tender, highlight a spirit that you like and he will tell you what he can make, according to your taste. If you already have a particular cocktail in mind, ask, most likely he will be able to make it for you. Several shots are also available if that is what you feel like, as well as some pyromaniac options, where you drink a spirit that is on fire from a small plate with your fingers; sounds scary I know but it’s actually kind of fun.

Obviously with all this amazing alcohol, you will get hungry at some point. “Pingium” has thought of this already and they offer some tasty beer food options. I normally ask for the grilled cheese, a small portion of cheese roasted in the oven and served with bread and crackers. Garlic bread and several toasties are also available, as well as standard snacks like olives, nuts and lupin beans.

“Piguim” is a great option for a quiet alcohol fuelled evening, it offers every type of alcohol imaginable and the service is unique and personalized for such a busy bar. With only two waiters at the bar they seem to have multiple arms, which help them be surprisingly quick at what they do, just like the Hindu Goddess “Kali”.

Address: Rua de Belomonte, 65, Porto

Tel.: 916 048 413

Opening times: Mon-Fri 21:00-4:00, Sat-Sun 22:00-4:00

Links: Facebook, Web

Location: GMaps