BOP is a relatively new bar that opened in December of 2015. Filipe and João the owners have created a well thought-out environment outside the busy hustle of the historical town centre “Baixa”. This place does not really reflect the traditional side of Porto, but the old Portuguese building in which it is placed and the 100% Portuguese owners have created a unique bar/café with a selection of products that both owners like and that most bars don’t have. Many locals hang out here so in my opinion it deserves a post in PortoVore.

Every time that I have been in BOP there has been good music playing, also the album that they are playing is displayed on the bar window in case you are curious to know. You can ask to hear a record at one of the 2 person tables, but beware, the vinyls are the owners personal collection, so make sure your purpose is to listen to the whole thing and remember not to order any food otherwise the staff will not let you borrow the album. One of the owners, Filipe, studied light and sound design, so the atmosphere here is well thought out. He actually told me that he went to the lighting store 3-5 times in order to find the right lighting to fit the bar/Café. It is a perfect place to enjoy some good music, grab a coffee or a beer with some friends or take advantage of a good work environment while listening to one of your favorite records, yes you will probably find it, there are over 3500.

The house specialities are the coffee and bar-food as well as the varied selection of beer and wine. The characteristic that makes this place unique is the fact that the owners are trying to provide something that most other places don’t offer here in Porto. In terms of the coffee, they use a Portuguese coffee called “Verzzana”, a 100% Arabica blend that is roasted here in portugal. In the Pour Over option, €3,00/€4,50, it’s not a blend, it´s a Single Origin Specialty Coffee. An expresso is €0.80, filter coffee is 1.30 but you can re-fill it as many times as you want if you order food, yes it is a bottom-less cup, as well as the “red eye” €2.00 which is a cup of filter coffee with a shot of expresso.

Food-wise you have a selection of bagels, some deserts (pies, cookies etc.) nothing that is really Portuguese, mostly American style food, except for the chicken pies and the cheese plate. You also have the menu options where you can get several food choices including drinks, but only until 13:00, check the online menu for more details.

In terms of beer I would suggest the “Erdinger” and “Guiness” which are on tap €3.25 (half pint) €5.00 (pint), €3.50/€6.50 respectively. If you prefer a cheaper option I would suggest the only Portuguese beer, the “Cristal” (blonde/black) €1.50 (0.33cl) as well as the house beer on tap a German beer called “Licher” quite a good lager I must say, priced at 1.80 (0.25cl). In terms of wine I would suggest “Planalto” as a white wine option, €3.00 a glass and €12.00 bottle and the “Papa Figos” as the red option, €3.50 a glass and €14.00 bottle. When it comes to spirits there are many options but these are the ones I normally drink, CFR (Portuguese aguardiente) €3,00 a shot, Tullamore Dew whiskey €2.50 a shot as well as the fresh fruit juice vodka mixers, normally I ask for Stolichnaya, €3.00 a shot plus €2.00 for the fresh fruit juice, they have orange, peach and apple juice.

All in all a great transition bar where you go after lunch, before or after dinner in order to have a coffee or a drink with your friends, before deciding to go to another place. Essentially it’s a “rendezvous” spot, filled with rare products hard to find in Porto that are tastefully handpicked and sprinkled with some good quality Rock & Roll.


Address: Rua da Firmeza 575, 4000-230, Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 224354334


Opening Times: Monday: 12:30-13:00, Tuesday-Thursday: 10:00-1:00, Firday-Saturday: 10:00-2:00, Sunday: 10:00-1:00

Links: Web , Facebook

Location: GMaps

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