Adega Alfredo Portista

“Adega Alfredo Portista” Alfredo´s FC. Porto Cellar represents the true love people from Porto have for the football team FC. Porto. As they say in Portuguese “curação azul e branco” blue and white heart, these colours cover the inside and the outside of this small traditional “Tasca”. As you walk in you immediately realize the obsession the ownership has for the club as well as everything about this city: eating, drinking and fraternising. “Alfredo Portista” has been around for 60 years, always maintaining the ownership within the same family. Now the place is run by the son of the original owner.

This traditional “Tasca” serves “Petiscos” Portuguese equivalent to the Spanish tapas as well as full meals which tend to be “sardinhas petinga” small baby sardines or “bacalhau frito” fried codfish served with “arroz de feijão” Bean rice or with “arroz de couve” cabbage rice. The “Petiscos” include “rojões” pork meat chunks made with a slight taste of garlic, “moelas” chicken gizzards cooked in a spiced tomato sauce, “bifanas” pork slithers cooked for a long time also in a spicy sauce, you can ask for this option either in bread or on a plate.

To drink they serve house wine, the options include young or matured red at room temperature or slightly chilled, young or matured white always served chilled and several soft drink options. To finish your meal you can ask for “Aguardente” Portuguese fire water, which always helps with digestion and most of the time also helps your mood.

The walls of “Alfredo Portista” are covered in posters of the FC. Porto team for the past 60 years, if you ask, you can probably find a poster from the year you were born. There are tiles on the walls with sayings like “Que Deus te dê o dobro do que me desejas” God will give you double of what you wish for me. This living time capsule sums up the love that people in Porto have for their football team and the traditions that this city holds, you cannot imagine being anywhere else than in Porto when you are inside and a small feeling inside yourself says “why be anywhere else?”.

As the FC. Porto Anthem goes: “OH meu Porto, onde a eterna mocidade, diz a gente o que e ser nobre e leal” … “Porto! Porto! Porto! Porto!… POOORTO! … POOORTO!”

“Oh my Porto, where the eternal youth, tells us what it is like to be Nobel and Loyal”… “Porto! Porto! Porto! Porto!… POOORTO! … POOORTO!”

Address: Rua do Cativo, 14, porto portugal

Tel: 222 055 816

Opening hours:  Monday to Saturday 09:00-19:00

Location: GMaps