Aduela Taberna – Bar

Aduela is a bar that sits in a picturesque square called “Praça das Oliveiras”. In English meaning the olive tree square. This place is a classic example of a well thought out rehabilitation of the historical “baixa” centre. Before it was turned into a bar, it was just a trash can dump for the local businesses. But to the surprise of the community, the trash cans were moved and a new space emerged.

It was good that the owners tried to maintain the original look in the interior and the exterior of the establishment. Even though the restoration process is more expensive, it truly does make a difference, and it is much preferred to the clean Ikea look which is very common in many new places opening up in this area.

Aduela has a good selection of value for money wines and the bar staff is more than welcome to explain the difference between the selection. They also have the standard spirits and cocktails like cuba-libre or a Gin tonic, which are relatively safe to order,  since it is hard to make them in a sub-standard way. In terms of beer, they have the common superbock which is pretty much available anywhere in Porto. They also have an artisanal beer from the north called “letra D” which is surprisingly good and worth a try.  The sangria that can be ordered here is fresh and perfect for a hot afternoon, it is extremely easy to drink, so be cautious.

In terms of food, “Aduela” serves several snacks like toasties and several canned fish products. These snacks are there to accompany your drinks so don’t think that you will have a proper meal. If you get hungry there are better options to eat close by. The general impression I got is that these snacks are expensive for what you get. This is a comparison with local prices, for a tourist they will seem cheap.

The space that “Aduela” has is interesting, because you have the option of sitting inside in a spacious slightly obnoxious, but comfortable environment that is smoke free, as well as the out-side space in which you can smoke and enjoy the sun, if it is good weather that is. All-in-all this place was set up in the right way and gave the community what it needed. A comfortable, affordable bar that tries to maintain the originality of the historical centre of the city. The only downfall I see is the lack in selection of affordable snacks and the improvised decoration located on the inside of the establishment, but these are residual details that could easily be improved and changed. Defiantly a good option for a post lunch/dinner drink.

Address: Rua das Oliveiras, nº 36, 4050, Porto

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 1:00 pm – 2:00 am

Contact: 222084398 / 915250875,

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