Adega Vila Meã

“Adega Vila Meã” a family run restaurant that is considered one of the few “Casas Centenarias” Century houses (open for more than a century) of Porto. Even though the current family owners have been here for 40 years the name is still original from over a century ago. The current owners Maria and Armando Santos are the heart of this place and you soon notice this once you feel the matriarchal sensation they posses over the establishment and the family; Carla Santos, their daughter is also fundamental in helping her mother in the kitchen and her father serving tables. You truly feel the family atmosphere of this place because one table is mostly always reserved for the family and this is where the family’s cousins, aunts, uncles and kids hang out and talk about the latest gossip while eating their dinner/lunch.

There are many Portuguese specialities on the menu but my suggestions include, for the fish option I would go for the “filetes de polvo c/ arroz do mesmo” battered and deep-fried octopus filets with octopus rice 12.50€ (1/2 dose, 1 person) 24.50€ (1 dose, 2 people). For the meat option I would suggest the “Posta de vitela” the veal steak it is 30€/Kg so you can pick the weight which you desire, 1 kg should be enough for 3 people depending on how hungry you are; I would also suggest the “Miminhos de Porco Preto” stewed Black Pork cheeks 10€ (1/2 dose) 19.50€ (1 dose). For dessert I would go for the “leite creme” the Portuguese crème brûlée 2.50€. The average price per person comes to about 15-20 euros per person, but it is definitely worth it for the quality of service and food, as well as the family atmosphere.

Located on one of the oldest streets of Porto “Rua dos Caldeireiros” the street of the metal workers, this restaurant is one of the oldest and I would dare to say one of the best places to eat on this street. With Maria Santos at the helm of the kitchen I can guarantee that a talented Portuguese grandmother is cooking for you. The beautiful thing about this place is that she is also teaching the tricks of the trade to her daughter Carla Santos, so we can hope that “Adega Vila Meã” will continue for many generations to come, serving their delicious food and sustaining the Santos family.

Address: Rua dos Caldeireiros 62, Porto
contact: 222 082 967
Horário: Seg a Sáb – 12h00 às 15h00 – 19h00 às 22h00

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