Adega Rio Douro

The “Adega Rio Douro” is a traditional Portuguese Restaurant/Bar that is famous for its fado nights, on Tuesdays. Starting at 16:30 and ending around 20:00, this small establishment provides a true authentic Porto experience, not only because of the Fado Vadio that is played but also because of the food that is served. “Sra. Pieadade” as she is known serves various delicacies that compliment a full sensorial experience. The smell, the music, the taste, how the place looks, the view, the textures and feeling you experience here are unique.

The speciality at “adega Rio Douro” is the “isca de bacalhau” a cod fish fillet that is fried in a batter “napkin”. They are made fresh when you order them and they are a regular´s favourite. They also serve “rojoes a moda do porto” which are pork chunks made in a special paprika and cumin stew, and then served with tripe and boiled blood. This is also one of my favourite places to eat “bucho de porco”, pig stomach that is also cooked in a cumin stew, the texture, flavour and smell are unique and a true delicacy that is worth trying. There are also other standard things that you can order food-wise, but they are not out of the ordinary, as you can find them pretty much anywhere, for example a cheese and smoked meat platter or the standard “Rissol”: Portuguese empanada. The specialities that I mentioned before is what you should go for.

To drink the house white and red are a good compliment to the food but as always the standard beer is also available.

It is a good idea to go early in order to guarantee a table so that you don´t have to see the fado standing up or from the outside, as the place is very popular on Tuesdays and there is limited seating available. You can also go during other days of the week to try the food but you might as well also enjoy the fado if you plan on trying this place.

In terms of location “Adega Rio Douro” is located along the river and the best way to get there is to use the old electrical tram, which is more expensive in comparison to the standard public bus but the experience is unique.

A good plan for a sunny Tuesday would be to have a lite breakfast/lunch and make your way to “Adega Rio Douro” by tram. Once you get there enjoy the fado and traditional snacks and on one of the fado breaks ask around some of the locals if there is a fisherman willing to take you across the river by boat to the fisherman village called “Afurada”. There you can have fish for dinner accompanied by “vinho Verde”, a white wine with a distinct taste made in the “Minho” region. After dinner you can use the same fisherman to take you back by planning a time and a location where he will pick you up. It would be smart to agree on a price for the return journey and also ask for their number. After agreeing on a price, pay half on the way there and the other half once you have returned, this way you know he will pick you up again.

Once you are back on the other side it is a good idea to walk along the river, back into town, this helps with digestion and possibly you can go to “ribeira” for a post dinner drink, or even walk up to the historical city centre for a stroll and a drink. Happy Tuesdays.


Kuusk, Adele Thele (Photographer) 2015. Adega Rio Douro, Porto, Portugal. (Photograph) November, 2015. TumblrFacebook


Address: Rua do Ouro 223, 4150

Schedule:  “Fado Vadio” is every Tuesdays. 16:30 – 19:30. regular opening times are Monday to Saturday  12:30 – 23:30

Links: Adega Rio Douro

Contact: 22 617 0206

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