Adega Do Olho

“Adega do Olho” The Cellar of the Eye, is a traditional lunch-time restaurant. They are open from 8:30 until 18:30 and they only offer 2 dishes, a meat and a fish option. It is more than 100 years old and the current owners have been responsible for maintaining the tradition for the last 27 years.

The staff include the owner, the cook and waiter. The waiter has a glorious moustache that completely covers his mouth, so it is hard to figure out what sort of mood he is in. The owner, like the name of the restaurant, acts like the “All Seeing Eye” and coordinates the flow from the kitchen to the waiter, while the lady in the kitchen prepares all the food and provides us with delicious home-made cuisine.

The house specialities include the “Tripas a Moda do Porto” Tripe made the Porto way, which is a specific type of bean stew, this option is always served on Thursday. “Rojoes a Moda da Casa” Pork chunks made in the house way, with a special sauce and served with boiled blood, tripe and sometimes pickles; on the side you have potatoes and rice as accompaniments. The fish options normally include grilled or fried fish, the times that I have been there I have encountered “Carapau Grelhado” grilled mackerel served with boiled potatoes and “Molho Verde” green sauce; which consists of olive oil, onion and parsley. Grilled salmon, also served with boiled potatoes; if you truly want to be Portuguese ask for extra olive oil to put over the potatoes. All the main dishes are priced at an extremely affordable price of €3.50.

To drink you have the standard options, you find at a normal restaurants, the house red, white and green wine, which is a young white wine as well as beer; an individual jug is priced at €1.50. For desert there are always two fixed options, seasonal fruit and “Romeu & Julieta” Romeo & Juliet consists of cheese and marmalade, there is also a third option, which is rotational. Last time I was there I ate a “Rabanada” a Portuguese version of a French toast, the difference being that it comes soaked in a special cinnamon broth. The desert is priced at €1.50.

“Adega do Olho” is a great lunch-time option if you are in the centre of town or close to the “São Bento” train station. The simplicity of their menu guarantees that they offer quality food at affordable prices. The “All Seeing Eye” you notice at the entrance has guaranteed this restaurant’s tradition for more than 100 years, I truly hope that this tradition continues for another 100.

Address: Rua Afonso Martins Alho, 6, 4050-018 Porto

Tel.: 222057745

Opening hours: mon-sat 8:30-18:30 closed Sunday

Location: GMaps