Adega Do Carregal

“Adega do Carregal” the “Carregal” Tavern is named after the road in which it is on and has been in operation for over 18 years, with the same ownership. They specialize in old traditional Portuguese cuisine while still maintaining a classy feel, as well as impeccable service.

The specialities include, “Bacalhau a Carregal” which is comprised of roasted codfish with vegetables and potatoes. “Anho Assado” roast lamb. “Posta a Transmontana” a large grilled veal steak served with vegetables, potatoes and sprinkled with freshly diced garlic.

I recommend “Adega do Carregal” for dinner if you are around the centre of town, the average price per person is around 15 euros. It maintains its traditional values and offers you a truly authentic Portuguese experience. Even though you have the house specialities that I have mentioned before, you can also opt for the daily specials as they will be faster and cheaper. After dining here you are extremely close to the night life in the historical part of the city, so take advantage of it.

As you walk in you are automatically confronted with the counter and even though you may think this place is small at first, it is deceptive. Sr. Cesar, the owner or Sr. Fernando, the waiter, will show you the table and you will eventually realize the restaurant is quite big in size, offers exceptional food and that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Address: Travessa do Carregal 102, 4050-167 Porto, Portugal

Tel.: 222081200

Opening Times: 11:30am – 9:00pm Monday-Saturday

Links:  Facebook

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