A Tendinha Dos Poveiros

It is difficult to recreate the atmosphere of “Tendinha dos Poveiros” anywhere else. It is the local hangout and meeting spot in that community. Everyone who lives around that area uses this bar as a place to meet and have a beer before moving to another venue. The heart of this particular neighbourhood is “Belas Artes”, The University of Porto Art School, therefore making the community in this area somewhat alternative and artistically based. ESMAE is also relatively close, therefore also adding to the atmosphere. Since this community is relatively open minded and “most of the time” down to earth everyone is accepted and you feel welcome here.

The Bar is nothing special on the inside but it has a pleasant outside patio, which gets sun almost all day long. This area is riddled with places to eat and different bars, but this one has been establishing itself as the local hangout spot for some time now and is well accepted by the community. This is mostly due to the fact that it is affordable and because it plays good music most of the time. What I would highlight here is the sangria, which is cheap and cheerful as well as the “cristal” beer which is 0,80 cents a pop on particular days of the week. “Vinho Verde”  young  white wine is nothing special and is actually served on tap but for 1 euro a glass you might as well try it to see if you like it.

Sometimes they serve meals here but they are mostly vegetarian, I can´t say I have tried them because there are so many other worthwhile places in the area that actually serve meat, in my opinion this is only a place you go for a drink, not to eat. But if you are willing to try it and your into vegetarian food I have heard that it is not that badly executed.

Also, in “tendinha” sometimes they have concerts on the outside patio, they are worth looking out for as well as the bar´s  windows which constantly publicize gigs and events in the area that are worth checking out.

One last word of advice, don’t worry about the punks who hang out there, they wouldn´t hurt a fly, unless they are provoked or you try to explain to them the real meaning of anarchism.


Address: Largo da Ramadinha, 67, Porto, Portugal

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00am, Sunday 12:00pm – 12:00am

Links: Tendinha

Location: GMaps

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  • As a local that lives near I agree with all that you’ve written. Definitely a cool place to stop by, meet friends and decide where to go (many times, in the end, we stay here until 4 or 5 am :D). I agree with the music selection, as it was said for some years as “the best music of Porto’s night” (no commercial shit) which it’s a +. I only have to disagree and give my opinion about the vegetarian food: It’s awesome! Specially related to quality/price. And I’m not a vegetarian… Shame that these menus are recently over, as the cooker has moved to another place in the surrounding area.
    Congrats for the description! See ya around

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