Escondidinho do Barredo

“Escondidnho do Barredo” also known as “Tasca da Cremilda” is a family owned restaurant that has been open for 65+ years now. The name of the restaurant means Little Hidden Place of “Barredo”, this being a particular area of “Ribeira” the port wine docks.

As you walk in you notice an old lady sitting at the table cutting several ingredients or prepping food, “Dona Cremilda” is the mother who used to run this place. Her Daughters, Cristina and Arminda are the ones responsible for the cooking and serving nowadays. The specialities include “Iscas de Bacalhau” codfish fillets that are battered and deep-fried. “Trochas” mince veal wrapped in potato purée then breaded and deep-fried. “Choco Frito” Fried cuttlefish. “Redenho Frito” fried caul. “Polvo” octopus served with onion, parsley and olive oil. “Tripas Enfarinhadas Fritas” tripe stuffed with bread and deep-fried. “Orelheira Fumada” Smoked pork ear served with onion, parsley and olive oil. All the food here is very traditional and is centred on old recipes. Cristina and Arminda run this place with class and they have managed to maintain the authentic flavours that their mum passed down to them.

“Escondidinho” is a good place to go for dinner, especially if you are around “Ribeira” the port wine docks, it is my favourite restaurant in this area. If you are a big group it is best to call ahead, also the kitchen closes around 22:00 so try to make it there early. For €10-€15 per person it is a definite must to try “Dona Cremilda’s” specialities, which include all the classic traditional recipes of the city.

Address: Rua dos Canastreiros no.28-30, 4050-149

Tel.: 222057229

Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 12:30-22:00

Location: GMaps

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